A Traveler’s Diary

I am Dolon, Dolon Champa Dutta. I am a lively and happening girl like others. But I am different from them. A special characteristic makes me different from other girls. If you want to know that You must have to follow my blog every day.
I am a road-less traveler. I never define any road, I believe the road will open their ministry when I go through to the path. Beside recitation, traveling is a favorite hobby. My friends said, If it is possible to take traveling as a profession, I will be the perfect candidate for that job.
I love traveling because I love adventure. I love trekking and navigation on off road. Mountain biking is my dream. I hope one day I will travel all over the world and share with you. Do not think that I am only a tourist or traveler, I am a foody also. I love foods. New food means new experiences. So every new places I try to test the traditional foods. Sometimes the foods contain bitter test but the bitter test does not mean bad foods. Hope that I will start a new food blogging segments to you all in near future. My motto is ‘Enjoy your tour. Happy traveling.’

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