A Travel to The Bazaar of Captain Cox.

“How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man,

How many seas a white dove sail before she seeped in the sand.”

-Bob Dylan.

Me and sunset

The song reminds me the sea. It is not a dream sequence. It was a reality. Some days I visited Cox’s Bazaar with my parents. Visiting a place with my parents is a rare incident. Both of them are busy with their work. We started from Khulna. I live in Dhaka but my parents live in Bagerhat, Khulna. So we started from there. At first, we arrived Dhaka from Khulna. The main problem was the route.

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It was a holiday time so the bus and the train were overcrowded. So we decided to go to Chittagong by train and from there we will go Cox’s Bazaar by bus. Buying ticket was a great problem. Kamlapur station’s ticket counter was fully equipt by the people from different places. After one hour of waiting, I got my ticket. It was one of the hectic days of my life. Unfortunately, I forget the name of the train, but it’s departure time from Dhaka was 10.30 Pm.

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After getting tickets, along with my parents we started packing. We decided that it will be two nights and three days long tour. But in my mind, an idea was turning on. I wanted to make the tour large and happening. On the departure day, we started kamlapur by bus. After that, we took our position on the train. The train was 25 minutes late. When the train started it was nearly 11 Pm. The slow speed and the trembling bit of the train made me sleepy. Suddenly I slept. When I wake up it was morning and we were nearly the Chittagong station. The journey was 10 hours long. After getting down, immediately we started to the bus stand. The bus stand was not so much away from the train station. From the bus stop, we got a bus which was going to Cox’s Bazaar. At 3.30 Pm we arrived Cox’s Bazaar. I was very tired at that moment. Visiting place: At Cox’s Bazaar we visited different places. They were Sugandha beach, Laboni Point, Kolatoli beach, himchori,inani etc. But my most favorite was the unnamed beach in front of the Himchori rock. I trekked the Himchori rock. The small waterfall was amazing. I took a lot of photos there. We wanted to visit the Saint Martin Island. But It was the end of may and the condition of the sea was stormy. So we changed the plan. As a tour, it was a very simple tour. The tour has a special significance of my life. My parents were with me. The tour was not so much cheaper. Because spending time and relaxation was a big matter at the time.


 Dhaka to Chittagong (Train)

 Chittagong to Cox’s Bazaar (Bus)

 Cox’s Bazaar to Himchori (Auto)

 Himchori to Inani (Auto)

 Cox’s Bazaar to Dhaka (Bus)

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 Dhaka to Chittagong: Tk 400 (per person)

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazaar: 200 (per person)

Motel cost: Tk.700 (non-A/C, per night)

Cox’s Bazaar to Himchori to Inani: Tk 700(up down)

Himchori Entrance: Tk. 20 (per person)

Foods and others: Tk. 2000

Cox’s Bazaar to Dhaka: Tk. 800 (per person)

Where to stay :

A lot of hotel, motel and rest house are there. Here is the link from where you can find and book hotel. We stayed at Motel Upal.

at Motel Upal

Where and what to eat:

I suggest Poushi. The delicious foods make you a food lover if you are not so. Must try the Shutki and Bharta package. Rupchanda fry was also yummy. And the achar was just wow. After your heavy lunch test the faluda and pudding. This will give you the heavenly feeling. Handi is also a good place to eat. But it is much expensive.

Enjoy your tour. Happy traveling.

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