An Economy Trekking, Sandakphu

Hi, I am Dolon Champa. Again I am back with a new travel story. This time I visited ‘Sandakphu’. It is the highest peak of West Bengal. Beside Sandakphu I also visited different places. These were Monobenzone, Tumling, Falut, Rimbik, Mariah etc. If I start writing my story, it will be a large story. So I am breaking down the story in part by part. Today I just present the budget of my tour. Maybe it is the modest budget for trekking on this route.


My five friends along with me chose this route. In winter and in the rainy season the route spread its own bloom. But at that time the route was very sloppy and hard to trek. So we decided the late winter and the early spring will be the best option for ourselves. At that time I had no passport. For passport and VISA, It took one month. After that our journey began. It was my first experience of trekking out of Bangladesh. After this journey, I believe that being a girl is not a problem for these types of hard work and games.

The route in map

Our starting point was Gabtoli Bus Stand. In our Visa, we selected Burimari border as our entrance point in India.

Only Three Kilometers Away…

 Trekking Cost:

Gabtoli to Burimari: Tk. 3000 (Non-A/C Bus)

Border passing: Tk. 150 (baksheesh)

Border to Siliguri: Rs. 120

Siliguri to Darjiling: Rs. 400

Darjiling Stay: Rs. 250 (Minimum for one person)

Darjiling to Monobenzone: Rs. 300 (Reserve car)

From this point, our original treking was started. Our route was Monobenzone (Singhilia Nation park) to Tumling to Sandakphu to Falut to Rimbik to Mariah.


Singhilia National park Entry: Rs. 1000

Guide Cost: Rs. 1000 (per day)

Related Cost: Rs. 300 (Foods and Beverage)


Tumling Stay: Rs. 150 (per day)

Foods and others: Rs. 300 (per person, 2 times a day)


Sandakphu Stay: Rs.110 (Government rest house)

Foods and others: Rs.400 (per person, 2 times a day)


Falut Stay: Rs.1000 (Government rest house)

Foods and others: Rs.700 (per person, 3 times a day)


Rimbik Stary: Rs.250 (per person)

Foods and others: Rs.300 (per person, once a day)


Mariah Stay: Rs. 400 (per person)

Foods and others: Rs. 400 (per person, 2 times a day)


Mariah to Siliguri: Rs.500

Siliguri to Gabtoli( Dhaka): Rs. 3000 + Rs. 100 (Bakshish)

It was my tour. My overall cost was nearly Tk. 13000 . And I also bought a lot of chocolates of Tk 2000.

It was a nice journey. If you are interested in trekking, I think this route will be a great challenge for you and your stamina. I hope I will trek here again.

Enjoy your tour.  Happy traveling.


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