When The Mountain Calls Me…

All the preparation happened suddenly. I missed the last two tours due to my hesitation. This time never, no way. I had no previous experiences about mountaineering and tracking.  So I was very excited. I packed all the necessary and unnecessary stuff for making my tour memorable.

The team

We started our journey from Dhaka at 18th of January. After a small power nap, we arrived Bandarban at the morning. On the first sight, the hill town was not that much precious, but the surprise was waiting for me.

‘Chander Gari’, the mountain truck was becoming my nightmare. After completing our breakfast we started our ride by the ‘Chander Gari.’ The roads were full of ups and downs. After a while, we took a short banana break. At that time I felt uneasy due to the unusual road and vomit. After the break, I felt better and we started our tour again.

But my bad luck, within 15 minutes the front wheel leaked in a no man’s land. We stuck here for the next half an hour. At this time I met with the god of nature. I walked ahead and ahead. It was a small piece of heaven for me. I heard the call of mother nature, ‘come, my girl, come ahead.’

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After an hour we arrived ‘Ruma Bazar’. The only place, where all the 23 types of ethnic people of Bangladesh live peacefully. The ‘Ruma Bazar’ is a market area, where can find different types of goods which are not usual or available in the plain land. Most of the shopkeepers were girls with their traditional colorful tribal dresses. Most of them were smoking with the hilly tobacco’s handmade cigarettes. At this moment our team lead declared that our tour guide is late. He was at ‘Thanchi’ and will take more than three hours to arrived in Ruma bazar. So what can we do now? Our team lead found the way. He broke the schedule and we started to ‘Rizuk’ waterfall. It was a wonderful boat journey. When we arrived our destination, I was amazed. I heard the sound of the mountain, saw the power of nature. After one hour I returned ‘Ruma Bazar’ and ate our lunch with traditional foods.

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Meanwhile, our guide Shahjahan Vai arrived and we started to explore Boga Lake. At the evening we arrived ‘Boga Lake’. The tracking route was hard and enjoyable. Then we arrived the cottage of ‘Siam Didi’. Siam Bom one of the most renowned cottage owner of ‘Boga Lake’ area. At the night we barbecued chicken.

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Next morning we started to summit ‘Keokradong’. It was a hectic journey. We continuously walked four hours to achieve our goal.After that we reached Drajeeling para. It was like paradise for me. What a beauty! We took half an hour rest there and ate local fruits.

Keokradong was 3172 feet higher from the sea level. It was a great achievement of my life. In Keokradong we were the guest of ‘Lala Bom’, the owner of Keokradong. I was affected with severer muscular pain due to the 14-kilo long journey.

Next morning we came back to ‘Boga Lake’ by walking and returned to Dhaka.

Route & Cost:

Dhaka to Bandorban by bus: Tk. 800 (per person)

Bandorban to Ruma Bazar: Tk. 1100 (Chander gari Reserved)

pick a guide from Ruma Bazar: Tk. 400 (per day)

Rumabazar to Bogalake Plain: Tk. 1000 (Reserved)

Trek Bogalake: Tk. 0.00

Night Stay and barbecue at Bogalake: Tk.500 (per person)

Trek Keokradong from Bogalake: Tk. 00 😀

Night Stay at Keokradong: Tk. 800

Trek  Keokradong to Bogalake: Tk.0.0

Bogalake to Ruma Bazar: Tk.1000 (Chander gari Reserved)

Ruma Bazar to Bandarban: Tk 1500 (Chander gari Reserved)

Bandarban to Dhaka: Tk. 800


# must report in the army camp

# never harm or irritate the local people.

# never use bad language with the local people

# must bring anti malaria medicine

Enjoy your tour. Happy traveling.


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