Witnesses of History & Nature, Birulia

It was an old story. This story started in British India. A prosperous civilization was belonging in a village named Birulia. A lot of Hindu Landlords and their family lived there. They were happy and proud with their life. But the scenario was changing. After the WWII (World War 2), the British government decided to give India total independence. They divided Indian subcontinent into two parts, India and Pakistan. The deviation was held on the basis of religion. The great migration began. The Hindus of new born Pakistan migrated into India, and the Muslims of India started migration in Pakistan. At that time the great communal riot spared its fire. For the sake of life, the Hindu landlords ran away from Pakistan-controlled Birulia to India.

The witness of time

When I write this story it is 2017. I am a proud citizen of Bangladesh. After nine months of the bloody revolutionary war, Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan. Nowadays Birulia is a part of Savar upozilla. My friends along with me visited Birulia some days ago. It was a sudden tour. After the mid-term examination, I was a little bit confused about what to do. So I made a plan, a tour.  The actual plan was, we will visit a place which is nearly Dhaka, and the place must have the flavor of the village. So we search in Google and find the name of Birulia.

on the boat

At the day of the tour, we decided that we will visit Birulia via the boat. And the route was Mirpur sector 10, Diabari Ghat to Birulia. We started at 8.00AM from Dhanmondi and arrived 9.30 AM in Diabari Ghat. Then we reserved a boat and started for Birulia. The name of the river was Turag. It was the end of winter, so the water smelled bad. But it could not hamper our excitement. After three hours we reached Birulia. Oh! What a nice place. The village welcomed with a great sight. Beside the river, a large banyan tree was situated. Behind the tree, a Hindu temple was situated. The locals said that the temple is more than hundred years old. After that, we walked on the road of the village. We were amused to see the ancient buildings. The structure was really royal and beautiful. We visited five buildings which were the buildings of the landlords who migrated India at the time of partition. Nowadays the buildings are occupied by the locals. The buildings were risky, but still, people live there. I found a balcony which reminds me the ancient glory of Bangladesh.

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After taking some rest we started to Sadullahpur. It was a surprise visit. The village Sadullahpur has situated nearly the bus stand of Birulia Savar highway. The village is known by the name of Rose Village. The main occupation of the villagers is cultivating rose and different types of flowers. The flower market of Shabag bloomed by the flower of Sadullahpur.

It was 5.50 PM. A policeman said that if we want to go to Dhaka by boat, we must arrive the Sadullahpur ghat before 6.30 PM. It was the time of the last trip to Dhaka. We start running to the riverside to catch the boat and at last, we arrived.  After two-hours, we arrived Dhaka. It was a memorable journey in my life. Now the time of costing.

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Route and Costing:

Dhnmondi to Diabari Ghat: Tk. 50 (bus)

Diabari Ghat to Birulia: Tk. 400 (reserved boat)

Birulia to Sadullahpur: Tk. 20

Sadullahpur to Battala Ghat:  Tk. 0 (walking)

Saullahpur to Dhaka: Tk. 50 (by boat per person)

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Enjoy your tour. Happy traveling.




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