V for Vellore

I awoke early in the morning. The train was creating trembling sound. I looked out of the window; saw a full sky of stars. A big river flowed under the train track. Mom told that it is the famous river, ‘Godabari’. I was astonished; I never saw this kind of large river before. It took a long time to cross the river. After that I saw a large number of coconut trees under the light of deep darkness. It was in ‘Andhra Pradesh’ (A State of India). For a while I thought that the people of the area only eat coconuts.

godavari bridge
Godabari river from the train

While the sunlight fallen in the earth we arrived ‘Katpadi’. It was a winter morning. Mom covered me by pullover and a muffler.

We were in ‘Valore’ for Moms’ treatment; me with mom, Papa and my elder cousin. It was 1665 kilometers away from Kolkata. We stayed a long time in a hotel, named ‘Safi Monjil’. It was a nice and clean place for living. The funniest thing was a 92 years old grandpa handled the caravansary. After moms’ treatment in Christian Medical Hospital (CMC) we travelled a lot of places. Without medical facilities, Vellore also has a different look. When we started to visit the town we realize its beauty.

Best places to visit:

Vellore Fort

Vellore fort is one of the historical places in Vellore. It is a peaceful place in the middle of the city.  Inside this a beautiful temple is located which is extremely pious and peaceful. Surrounded by the crocodile moat this Vellore fort is one of the oldest. The fort is surrounded by waters. There is a park to spend time also. It is also known as Tipu Sultan’s Fort.  Tipu Sultan made it in the medieval period. His wife and children were the prisoners of here.

Vellore Fort

Temple of Jalakanteshwar

The temple of Jalakanteshwar in Vellor’s fort is slightly below the road. It takes a lot of time to see the whole place. Jalkanteshwar means lord Shiva.

Mahalaxmi gold temple

temple gold
Mahalaxmi Temple

Vellore’s main attraction is the Mahalaxmi gold temple of Sripuram which is situated on the southern side of the city. No money is needed to see the beauty. But if you want you can buy VIP ticket. The temple is in the shape of star (holy figure) and involves good amount of walking before hitting main entrance. Best to visit late evening when entire temple glitters in light. The entire temple and pillars are made of gold. There is small water body all around the temple and reflection of golden temple in this is breathtaking.

Couple of things:

## Photography is strictly prohibited and mobile phones are not allowed inside the temple. So it is better to keep mobile phones in your rooms.

## Visit late evenings when it seems magical.

## Must take Prasad which is delicious.

Having said this it is a place one must visit to get firsthand experience of the beauty of the temple.

There are some other places where I didn’t go. But these are also very nice to visit.

Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Temple

Vallimalai Subramanyar Temple

Archeological Museum of India

Virinjipuram Temple

I enjoyed the full journey. Vellore was really a nice place and maintained quite well. It is especially nice place for travelers who love history. If you make your mind to visit there, must try the delicious local food Idly and obviously the testy milk tea.

Different places in Vellore

How to go:

Dhaka to Kolkata (need passport and visa)

Kolkata to Howrah

Howrah to Katpadi (Vellore)

*** It will take 2 nights and 1 day (30 hours) to reach Vellore.

You can buy train’s ticket from online.

Indian Railway Website

There is a special facility for foreigners. Indian railway gives some seats for foreigners. You can get these tickets from this address: Farely Place, Near 14, Strand Road, Kolkata

Where to live in Vellore

 There are a lot of hotels and lodges beside Christian Medical College Hospital. You can also stay any hotel beside Saidapet. 

You can find them from here:

Hotel booking


Dhaka to Kolkata: 1000 taka (non ac bus)

Kolkata to Vellore Train: 1200 rupees (non ac)

Food in train: 60-100 rupees (one time)

Katpadi to hotel: 80-100 rupees (by auto)

Hotel 😦 150-600) rupees

Visiting places:  (500-1000) rupees

Food: 150-200 rupees (per day)

Enjoy your tour. Happy traveling.


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